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Statement of Purpose of Expetro

Expetro Interlda has a network of international partners that technologically support its work in Angola. For the maintenance and repair of the oil and gas industry, Expetro Interlda has a partnership with the Weir Group, Graham Manufacturing Ltd UK, Okonite Cables and other companies.

Expetro Interlda and the Partner Group have multitechnologies for heat exchangers for repairs and refurbishments, pressure valves and Fan Fan air coolers, pipes, gaskets, as spiral, GMGs, camprofile and others, providing solutions suitable for each customer .

Expetro Int lda with Okonite has extensive original insulation of wires and electrical cables from the United States.


desenvolvimento e crescimento

Expert driving development and growth

  • Building an excellent service solutions platform
  • Developing customer-driven product and service innovation
  • Investment in engineering skills and product development
  • Expanding and deepening the product portfolio
  • Collaborative Mentality
  • Establishing partnerships with clients
  • Leverage skills, knowledge and best practices across the group
  • Globalize existing products and services
  • Extending presence in emerging markets
  • Skillfully integrated quality acquisitions
  • Establishing the presence in the market and ready to give excellent customer service

The company brings together a team with professional and academic specialization in technical management and engineering for oil, natural gas and fuels.


Expetro Internacional

Rua Norton de Matos, 4 andar porta Nº42 Sagrada família

Luanda - Angola

Tel. +244 222 73 88 60

Mob: +244 930 804 806
Mob: +244 944 246 009

E-mail: isj@expetro.co.ao

Web: www.expetro.net